Inclusion is what motivates the Friendship Circle.

Everyone in this world has a unique purpose. When we focus on abilities instead of disabilities, everyone can be part of strong friendships and influence people in positive ways. Unwavering acceptance, positive thinking, honesty, and commitment are just a few of the important lessons we teach by example

The Friendship Circle exists to create meaningful relationships between children and teens with and without special needs by celebrating their individuality, increasing confidence, igniting dreams, and redefining worldviews for all parties.

To do this, we focus on developing the values of altruism, compassion, and acceptance in our teens as we heighten community awareness and sensitivity and encourage a sense of acceptance, responsibility and involvement.

Everyone gets to experience the priceless value of giving, the power of friendship and the vital importance of integrating everyone into the community.

The Friendship Circle offers a unique opportunity for teenagers to create meaningful connections with each other.


The NY Friendship Circle is a 501(c) (3) charity. All donations will receive a letter to acknowledge your gift. The full amount of your gift is tax-deductible.