Welcome to New York Friendship Circle!

Volunteering with NY Friendship Circle offers a wealth of enjoyable and meaningful experiences in a nurturing and positive setting. It provides an opportunity to connect with other dedicated, compassionate, and responsible teenagers. It's a chance to cultivate a sense of security and self-worth by knowing that your efforts make a tangible difference in a child's life.

By becoming a member of the NY Friendship Circle, you join a global community of hundreds of motivated and enthusiastic teenagers who are eager to learn and make a greater impact. The beauty of NY Friendship Circle lies in your unwavering commitment to that special child.

To get started, please complete the Volunteer Application. Additionally, we kindly request the submission of a Code of Conduct form and a General Events Waiver, both of which can be downloaded, filled out, and emailed back to [email protected].

The final step is to visit the Volunteer RSVP section and select the program you would like to volunteer for. We kindly ask for your commitment to the season, as our participants grow accustomed to their friends and rely on your consistent presence each week.